Friday, March 28, 2008

Quality News Coverage for the Arts

The Hartford Courant’s editorial “Symphonic Convergence” [March 28, 2008], commenting on the bright future for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, was right on the mark. As a community leader, The Courant does well to highlight the HSO and other members of our arts community on its editorial pages. Now, The Courant should put its money where its mouth is by providing regular, quality news coverage of our arts community.

As the state’s leading newspaper, and as an organization that positions itself as an advocate for the growth and enrichment of Greater Hartford, The Courant should follow up on its editorial leadership by providing the quality news coverage that our arts groups and music ensembles – and their audiences – deserve. Readers look to The Courant for meaningful articles about upcoming performances and exhibits, interviews with artists and musicians, and objective reviews by qualified reviewers. The Courant devotes entire pages to video games, television, and, of all things, pet photos, yet contends that it does not have the staff or space to cover the arts on a regular basis.

The Courant has the moral responsibility to be a leader in supporting music and the arts in our community. Our arts community deserves more than plauditory editorials and occasional reviews. The Courant positions itself as an advocate for Greater Hartford; it’s time for the paper to take that role seriously and deliver quality news coverage of music and the arts.


  1. Hi Sarah! You should submit this as an editorial to the Courant. Nicely said! - Laura Oliver

  2. Hi Laura -- I did indeed send this to The Courant, but when they did not publish it in their pages, I posted it here. Thanks for reading and commenting. -- Sarah


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