Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baking for Bach

While doing background research for the program notes I prepared for CONCORA’s all-Bach concert in March (read about it HERE), I found some sources that indicated that Bach’s early ancestors may have been bakers, and that the name “Bach” may be related to an old word for baker. The references I consulted disagree on whether this is actually true, but it's a nice story which provides context for what follows.

The other day I wrote about my husband’s 100-mile bike ride to support CONCORA (read about it HERE), what I called “Biking for Bach.” (CONCORA is especially known for its interpretations of Bach.) Dennis and Pete rode 102 miles yesterday! (I’ll post a story later when the post-ride photos arrive.)

This morning I did my own volunteer stint, which I suppose could be called “Baking for Bach.” In February, CONCORA held a gala fundraising party that included live and silent auctions (read about it HERE). One of the live auction items was dinner with CONCORA’s Artistic Director Rick Coffey at his home, and I had volunteered to bake the breads for the occasion. The dinner takes place this evening, so I was up early this morning making three varieties of focaccia – red onion, rosemary, and black pepper – to complement Jason’s fabulous menu. I made a double batch, so we have plenty left over to enjoy on our own, as well.

My homemade breads were also featured at the live auction in February. The highest bidder won several batches of homemade bread, which I made and delivered over several weeks: Focaccia, cinnamon-raisin bread, sandwich bread, and dinner rolls for Easter. That was a fun and interesting way to support CONCORA.

Anyway, bread and Bach both seem essential for life, so I’ll continue to Bake for Bach. I’ve even thought about offering to bake breads-to-order for friends and colleagues in my area who will make a contribution to CONCORA. I would not get into this on a large scale, of course, but perhaps bake once a month or so. (If you're one of my nearby friends or colleagues and are interested in this, drop me a line! Raisin toast for breakfast... Rolls with dinner... Fresh bread to liven up your lunchtime sandwich...)

By the way, CONCORA is still accepting post-ride pledges and donations for Dennis’ and Pete’s bike-a-thon until the end of this July (details are HERE - scroll down). Thanks to all of you who support CONCORA, Connecticut’s premiere professional vocal ensemble. Every contribution, large and small, makes a difference.

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