Monday, November 2, 2009


The fall colors here in Connecticut are unbelievably beautiful this year. I laugh sadly at the "reports" in the newspaper that tell us that the colors are "so-so" or "not really very good" this year. Well, it has been cloudy a lot this month, so not every day is brilliant, but how can one ever call autumn's scarlets, golds, oranges, and russets "so-so" or “not really very good”?

What do people expect? To me, the fall colors, whether muted or brilliant, are always beautiful.

I guess people in our society expect perfection. Our over-hyped media sets us up to expect perfection. Big perfection, knock-your-eye-out perfection, once-in-a-lifetime perfection. But since Big Perfect Perfection rarely happens, people are often disappointed.

For those of us who seek out and savor small perfections, perfection is all around us, abundantly.

Yesterday afternoon D and I walked around our neighborhood: past the small pond, down to the old bridge near the meadow, and through the cemetery by the river. We saw breathtaking colors in the sky, trees, grasses, and birds. D spotted a fox, which is always a special treat. We picked up a few scarlet leaves – they were perfect. We watched a sapsucker feasting on poison ivy berries, pulling them from a vine that wound through a golden-leaved tree arching over a backwater on the little river. We walked through a flock of white-throated sparrows, enjoying their high-pitched lisping calls all around us. We watched a huge red-tailed hawk soaring in front of the enormous rising full moon. The air was fresh and cool, with a bit of warmth from the late afternoon sun. We walked and talked together.


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