Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baking for Bach

A few weeks ago I did some more “Baking for Bach” – that is, baking bread to raise money for CONCORA (Connecticut Choral Artists), the all-professional choral ensemble in which I sing. (CONCORA is especially known for its masterful interpretations of the choral music of J.S. Bach.)

In advance of a meeting of CONCORA’s board of directors (of which I’m a member, with several “hats” to wear), I baked ten loaves of homemade bread: several each of raisin-cinnamon, wheat, and oatmeal. Four of the loaves came out of the oven just before I had to leave for the meeting, and were too warm to wrap before I took them to the meeting, so I arrived with a large basket of still-warm, delicious-smelling homemade bread. The fragrance was intoxicating!

I “sold” the bread to the board members in exchange for donations to CONCORA, with a minimum donation of $10 per loaf. The bread disappeared quickly, and at the end of the meeting I was able to hand $155 to our Executive Director. (That’s $15.50 per loaf – not bad!) A few people actually ate bread during the meeting, tearing chunks off the warm loaves.

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