Sunday, January 3, 2010

Star Gift

At South Church in New Britain (where I serve as section leader in the Chancel Choir), there’s a neat tradition for Epiphany Sunday (that was today).

At the conclusion of the service, each person may draw a paper star from a basket. On the star is a single word: Inspiration, Kindness, Strength, Wonder, Discipline, Appreciation, and the like. The idea is that during the coming year, the word might serve as inspiration, or meditation point, or encouragement – you decide how it fits into your life, if at all. The word is the “Star Gift.”

The paper stars are all face down in the basket; none of the words is visible. I suppose that one should take the star that’s on top, but I’ve seen some people reach for a second or third star if they didn’t like the one they got first.

A year later on the next Epiphany Sunday, three people from the congregation will share how their Star Gifts helped, or inspired, or accompanied their lives in the previous twelve months. It’s interesting and often very moving to hear these stories.

As we filed out of the sanctuary today, each of us reached into the basket for a Star Gift.

I chose a bright blue star … turned it over to see…Serenity. Well good, I can use that.

I tucked it inside my choir folder.

It stuck.

It tore.

So much for serenity.

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