Wednesday, September 21, 2011

But The Bag is Clearly Labeled "Bird Seed"

We had an unusual visitor to our backyard bird feeder this morning, a black bear!

That is a beautiful animal, with thick glossy fur. (It's a mediocre quality video, though, taken on my cell phone, through the screen door.) 

I tapped on the window to see if it would turn around so I could see its face. When I unlocked the door so I could scare it away, it turned tail and ran off across the yard.

We first saw this bear in our yard about a month ago. After it came by two days in a row, we took down the bird feeders, and didn't see it again. We just put up the feeders again several days ago, and it has already come back again. I hope it doesn't come back, as I would hate to give up feeding the birds during the fall migration.

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