Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It’s So Depressing

I wrote at length the other day about the impending loss of a choice bit of meadow habitat in my town. I’m still aching over it.

Now it’s October 5, and for the past four days I have had to listen to constant gunfire, from dawn to dusk, coming from the meadow and riverside habitat that’s near my house. It’s hunting season. Ducks and geese and shorebirds, I suppose, though why anyone would shoot a shorebird that might yield two bites of edible meat is beyond me.

The guns go all day long. All day. They do not stop.

Kill, kill, kill, kill.

It’s just so depressing.

My only comfort came on my way home from an errand today…I bypassed the killing fields, of course, choosing to stop instead at a little pond tucked into the woods between my house and the river, right in a residential area where hunting would not be allowed.

There was a good-sized flock of geese and ducks there…hiding, I guess. Hope they have the sense to stay there.

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