Thursday, October 13, 2011

Night Visitor

We have had a bear on the deck two or three times in the past several weeks. We’ve seen it only during the daytime, when it has come to rifle the bird feeders. It’s a big black bear, fat and glossy, with a large yellow ear tag. Here’s a photo (cropped and enlarged) from August 20, in which you can just see the tag in the bear’s right ear:

I wrote about that bear's visit and posted a video a few weeks ago:

Late last night ― or rather, early this morning, as it was about 1:30 a.m. ― I was working at my laptop in the kitchen when I heard a noise on the deck. I turned on the outside lights to see an even bigger black bear, without an ear tag, emptying one of the thistle-seed feeders. This was clearly a different animal from the other bear, but like that one, very beautiful. Here’s a poor photo, taken through the kitchen window, in which you can clearly see that the bear is not tagged:

The bear stayed for about 10 minutes - I was able to make two brief videos:

Update, one week later: Here are photos of the damage the bear left behind. The hole in the deck floor was made by the big bear that made a night visit a week or so ago. Stole all the suet! Guess we'll have to stop feeding the birds altogether until hibernation is underway.

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