Monday, October 17, 2011

October Afternoon

I took a short walk around my yard this afternoon, reveling in the variety of colors and textures that I found. It's amazing what you can see if you open your mind to unexpected beauties.

Blueberry bushes in their autumn finery:

A tendril of English Ivy, climbing outside my office window:

Sapsucker drillings in the old apple tree in the corner of the yard:

Leaves fallen from the big maple near the street:

Interesting shadows cast by yew seedlings on a big yellow maple leaf:

The last of the geranium blossoms and the thickly-blooming chrysanthemums:

Another view of the walk and the chrysanthemums:

The bark of the oak tree has some beautiful soft colors:

The maple trees are loaded with seeds, as is the black walnut and all the oaks. It's a "mast year" - great for the birds and other animals that depend on this for winter sustenance.

Ivy geranim - thriving in the cooler weather.

I loved how the color and texture of these pine needles contrasted with the variegated, glossy leaves of this small shrub:

Here's the big maple in the front yard, source of the yellow leaves:

Pine needles adorning our lilac bush:

Gorgeous chestnut-colored mushrooms under the pachysandra:

Our little brook:

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