Thursday, December 1, 2011

“An Ephemeral Pleasure”

“Birding… is an ephemeral pleasure: beauty suddenly appears and then just as suddenly vanishes, leaving you with a longing to see it again. I suspect that no matter how many birds you see, how many species you check off your list, this longing never goes away.”

Kirk Walsh, “Glimpses of Elusive Quarry: Warblers, Ducks and My Dad.” The New York Times, September 26, 2008.


This reminds me of something I wrote, not about birding, but about the fleeting pleasures of music-making:

“The perfect moment in music is fleeting... and it's that fleeting moment of beautiful perfection that we seek. Perhaps that's why ensemble music-making (choral or instrumental) is so important to so many of us, for when we reach that moment in concert with others, we can find affirmation in our shared experience. Perhaps it's the very ephemeral nature of it, its elusiveness, that makes it so alluring. We are drawn again and again to seek that perfect, ineffable moment.”

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