Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hartford Chorale ― Happy 40th Anniversary!

On December 4, 2011, The Hartford Chorale, the region’s principal symphonic chorus, celebrated its 40th anniversary. The anniversary happened to fall on the day that the ensemble gave the last of four thrilling performances of Ralph Vaughan Williams Hodie with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

You can read more about this music, the performances, and the great reviews, here:

After the performance, friends and members of the Chorale continued their celebrations in the Autorino Great Hall at The Bushnell, a dramatic space eminently suitable for a party.

We were honored that Connecticut’s Governor, Dannel Malloy, and his wife Cathy Malloy (who happens to be CEO of the Greater Hartford Arts Council) stopped in to offer their greetings and congratulations to the Chorale’s Music Director, Richard Coffey, and the members of the Chorale:

The Chorale’s Music Director Richard Coffey (left) offered remarks in his usual witty and charming manner.

The Chorale’s Board President Michael Dunne read a proclamation from Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra declaring December 4, 2011 “Hartford Chorale 40th Anniversary Day in the City of Hartford.” Founding Music Director Henley Denmead was the guest of honor.

The wine flowed freely, its effect all the more pronounced because most of us could not gain access to the single, small food table.

We were all startled when the fire alarm sounded, sending us out to the street. Most of us had the good sense to grab our coats and refill our glasses before we left. (I wish I had taken a photo of a long line of empty wine left on the side of the stairway leading down to the street.) Many members of the Chorale immediately launched into a raucous round of Christmas Carols, while others went to admire the fire trucks and the firefighters.

Just as we were beginning to feel chilled, the “all clear” was sounded and we went back in for what remained of the party. (A spill in the kitchen had caused the smoke.)

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