Tuesday, December 27, 2011

“Like Ornaments on a Christmas Tree for Merlot, Pinot, and Chablis”

Once in a while a perfect gift comes along.

A colleague gave me these three lovely jewel-toned wine stoppers as a Christmas gift:


Aren’t they pretty? This is just the sort of elegant thing I love to have but would never splurge to purchase for myself. I’ve long wanted pretty stoppers for wine bottles, but could never justify the expense. How nice, then, to have received these as a gift!

I sent him this bit of doggerel as a thank-you:

When I enjoy a new bottle of wine,
Especially one that’s costly and fine,
I no longer curse the fragments of cork
That chip off when I apply too much torque;
For now I’m at ease, and very proper:
Each flask of wine now sports a stopper!
These baubles are of lovely hue,
Emerald, ruby, and sapphire blue;
Each is a beauty in its own right,
Catching and reflecting the light,
Like ornaments on a Christmas tree
For Merlot, Pinot, and Chablis.

[Yes, the bottles in the photo are Merlot, Toscano, and Sancerre. But those don't rhyme with "Christmas tree."]
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