Friday, December 23, 2011

“Of Exceptional Standards” –– CONCORA's Bach is “Best Classical”

Each December, the arts writers at The Hartford Courant offer their assessment of the arts scene in Greater Hartford during the previous year, including their picks for best performances or ensembles in various genres (classical, theater, jazz, etc.)

The “best of” article appeared online last night (December 22), though the dateline is given as December 25. Once again, CONCORA was named as “best classical”:
CONCORA: Hearing Bach makes you Smarter: On Feb. 27, CONCORA's annual Bach performance included the Mass in F Major, and two cantatas (No. 40 and No. 102) both of which contained music that Bach refashioned to form the F major Mass. This program, at Immanuel Congregational Church in Hartford, also included a performance of the Bach Violin Concerto in A minor with HSO Concertmaster Leonid Sigal as soloist. The annual Bach program by CONCORA has consistently been of exceptional standards and is worth every effort to attend. [citation below]
Tickets for this exceptional event are on sale now at or 860-293-0567. You won’t want to miss our performance of Bach’s exuberant Magnificat.


I am so very proud to sing with CONCORA, and honored beyond words to be selected as a frequent participant in the annual Bach program. I’m also glad to serve behind the scenes in various capacities in support of the ensemble’s mission “to perpetuate and perform with excellence choral music of the highest quality for the broadest possible audience.”

“A Look at 2011: The Arts In Connecticut.”
“Here's some of the best of 2011 in the arts.”
“The Year In Classical”
Jeffrey Johnson
The Hartford Courant, December 2011,0,3744658.story

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