Thursday, December 1, 2011


When we were in France this past summer, we visited many old castles and châteaux, of course. Many of the châteaux were graced by turrets with the conical, slate-tiled “pepper-pot” roofs typical of the French Renaissance style, such as this guard tower at the famed Château de Chenonceau:

And this larger turret at the Château de Bouesse en Berry near Chateauroux, where we stayed for three fairy-tale nights:

(See the open windows at the top of the small square tower in front of the turret? That was K's room! Her closet was in the little turret tucked in the corner!)

So, when I was in downtown Hartford last weekend to hear CONCORA-to-Go perform, I experienced renewed appreciation for the Soldiers and Sailors Arch in Bushnell Park, which I recognized as inspired by the French pepper-pots:

I experienced a little frisson of recognition and remembrance.

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