Thursday, December 8, 2011

What’s on a Musician’s Christmas List?

The other day, while doing some research on something I can’t even remember now, I came across the blog for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, written by that ensemble’s principal cellist (who, it seems, is from the Hartford area?).

I landed on a recent post called “Dear Santa,” which starts off like this:
Another Christmas is approaching, and even though I am just dreaming, there a few things that I want the music world to receive.

-A Brahms Octet for strings
-Mozart Cello Sonatas
-Beethoven’s 10th
-Brahms Cello Concerto
-A Wagner comedy
-Bartok Quintet for piano, violin, cello, oboe and trombone
-Schubert string quartet, “Death and the Taxman”
-Schubert Symphony # 20
-Copland “Fanfare for the Common Cold”
…and it gets even better from there. Some of these are serious in a wistful sort of way (I would dearly love to hear a Brahms octet...), but some are beautifully witty and just plain funny.

Do trot over there and read the whole thing, all the way to the bottom.

OK, I know, it’s all inside jokes for classical musicians. And OK, yes, it’s a bit nerdy. But I’m a bit (or a lot) nerdy too, and so are you, if you’re even here at Quodlibet reading this. And if you've read this far, you're probably a classical musician, too. So go ahead and laugh at the nerdy music jokes and just be glad you’re smart enough to get them.

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