Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“And in Last Week’s Gun News...”

Joe Nocera’s column in yesterday’s New York Times is blunt. Stark. Frightening. Necessary.

Read it.


Predictably, some of the commenters point out that some of these reports come from certain ethnic or socioeconomic strata.

My commentary:

Regardless of the socioeconomic status, motivation, ethnicity, geographic location, age, gender, etc., etc., of those who perpetrate gun violence, there is one overriding factor about why all that gun violence is possible at all -- our country is flooded with firearms, and access to guns and ammo is easy and cheap. Anyone with a credit card and an internet connection can get cases of ammo delivered to their front door:

The NRA is not a gun owners’ advocacy organization, despite its claims and posturing. Rather, it is a powerful lobbyist for gun manufacturers. The NRA has a huge financial stake in this game, and will continue to push for unfettered access to guns, and will continue to advocate for the provision of millions -- millions! -- of armed guards, who will, of course have to be provided with guns manufactured by the NRA’s members. More guns, more money -- that is, literally, their bottom line.

Until we repeal the Second Amendment, make most gun ownership illegal, conduct a buy-back to remove the millions of guns from our society, and enforce these provisions rigorously, we will continue to see an endless, and probably increasing, stream of news stories such as those cited in Mr. Nocera’s column.

More on the sheer numbers of guns and why we need to get rid of them:

And more on the ready availability of large amounts of unsecured ammunition:

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