Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Wind

Last night a huge storm of rain and strong winds swept over New England. The wind roared all night long, making an eerie sort of music in and around the trees, fences, building edges, and wires that form the instrument of our yard.

When we took a look around this morning, we saw that a gate and a portion of fencing was down, a screen had been blown off one of the windows, and numerous small branches had been knocked down.

We were alarmed and sorry to see that a large limb had come off our “owl tree,” the old oak that has sheltered a grey phase Screech Owl for the past few months.

Here’s a photo of the tree taken several weeks ago. See the little owl peeking out?

Here is the little owl snug as a bug, in a photo taken earlier this month:

And here is the tree this morning (cell phone photo taken through a wet window):

The limb above the owl’s roosting hole has been sheared off. It’s lying in the stream at the moment.

We haven’t seen the owl yet today, and are hoping that it survived the storm and the blow to its tree.

The “roof” of the owl’s hole seems to be intact, so perhaps the bird can continue to roost there.

I expect that the little owl has fared well hunting around our bird feeders, where mice come out at night to feast on the spilled birdseed.


Update, February 1 (the next day): The little owl is out there this morning, snuggled into his usual spot. :-D

That makes me feel a little better, considering what is going on just down the street this morning:


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