Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Song of Acadia

Listen to the song of this Swainson's Thrush, recorded while walking to our favorite spot on Earth.

This is the brook alongside which we walk on our way to our favorite spot on Earth.

This is our favorite spot on Earth. (Well, maybe that cliff-side, ocean-side picnic in Brittany...)

We take our lunch, a few good books, and each other.

We still smile over this memory: We were here, in our little corner of heaven, enjoying the nothingness – and everything-ness – of sea, sky, and the susurration of the water on the shingle. A family came down the path and emerged from the shade of hemlock and spruce. They looked around for about ten seconds, said, “There's nothing here! Let's go!” and disappeared back into the shadows.

That's one reason why this is a heavenly place. The only people who come here -- and stay more than a few minutes – are those who recognize and appreciate the value of nothingness – and everything-ness.

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