Sunday, February 10, 2013

CONCORA's “Modern Masters” POSTPONED

Because of the continuing snowy conditions across Connecticut, CONCORA has had to cancel its presentation of “Modern Masters,” which was to have taken place on Monday evening, after having been postponed from this afternoon. The blizzard robbed us of half our rehearsal time, including the rehearsal with our instrumental collaborators, and our dress rehearsal, and has forced cancellation of our rescheduled rehearsal today. Many of our musicians are still snowed in this afternoon.

As I’ve written before, all-professional CONCORA is different than amateur choral ensembles. We don’t rehearse every week for two to three months before each concert; rather, we have two to five very intense rehearsals in the two weeks before each concert, and most of the rehearsals are concentrated near the performance date(s). The loss of our final rehearsal weekend was unprecedented.

There’s a possibility that CONCORA will present this program at a future date; contact CONCORA to get on the mailing list so you don’t miss a thing.

(860) 293-0567

You can read more about the program, review the repertoire list, and read some of my program notes for the concert, here:

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