Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Owl

I hadn’t see the little grey screech owl for the past two days, but here it is this morning, sunning itself in the big knot-hole.

Where had it been?

I wonder if it uses several different roosting spots within its territory? Some quick research shows that is probably not the case. It generally sticks to one favored roost. Perhaps it's just been tucked away in there, out of the cold. Perhaps with a mate??

I admit to worrying about that owl when it’s not in “my” tree. (Silly ego-centric human.) I’ve been extremely worried that it might have been roosting in one of the big, old, beautiful, irreplaceable trees that are being taken down on the next street, as I wrote about here:

For several days the sounds of destruction have filled our corner of the neighborhood, as chain saws, chippers, large trucks, and other machines of ugliness have turned that graceful avenue of old maples, beeches and oaks into what D called, this morning, “just another street.”

Well, the little owl is safe, for now. I hope it stays in our yard; D has promised to protect that tree

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