Friday, February 1, 2013

Look up

Look up.

Just look up.

When you step outside — from home to car, from car to office — take just five seconds to stop and look up.

What do you see?

Sky. Clouds. Movement! Trees. Birds. Weather. Colors. Wind!

When I stepped out to get the mail this afternoon, I stopped on the front step and looked up. Here's what I saw in the tiny piece of "my" sky between the edge of the roof and my beloved larch tree:

This little view is so beautiful! And full of life and interest! There's so much to learn about and appreciate, if we would just stop to look.

Just look at the bright blue sky against that gray cloud, which a few moments later loosed a snow squall and filled the air with flying flakes that stung my cheeks and gathered in my hair. Appreciate the different lines and textures of the two main trees in view: the dark, rough-textured larch in the foreground, and the silvery, smoother-barked oak against the sky in the background. (The little owl is there, too, just out of the frame.) Look carefully to see the tiny cones on the larch; the juncos and chickadees have been busy there for weeks, extracting the tiny seeds.

I was so enthralled with this skyscape that I forgot to get the mail.

We miss so much of our natural surroundings because we don’t stop to look.

We fail to understand or appreciate the natural world because we ignore it.

We let it pass us by; we let ourselves forget about it. When we become inured to the beauties of our world, we become hardened to its degradation and destruction.

Look at what’s all around you. Love it. Care for the earth that sustains you.

Look. Look up. Just stop and look and be in your world for a few moments.

What do you see?

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