Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Art


As I wrote recently, small scenes patterns, and motifs catch my eye and hold my attention:

But I also find beauty in larger vistas, particularly where there are interesting patterns of color, light, and line.

While running errands several days ago, I stopped here and there to look for, and at, birds. One of my favorite spots is a wide stream that glides through a lovely piece of woods (slated to be cut down for a road) and feeds into the River. I stop here in all seasons. Just lovely.
On this day, the gold foliage and blue ice-filmed water (refelcting the sky) reminded me of colors that Van Gogh might have liked.

The striking patterns of light and dark in the ice that partially covered the stream really caught my eye.

What creature made these tracks?

When I turned back to the truck, I saw something interesting, as I wrote about here:

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