Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little owl high in the tree

How I envy the little owl that has taken up residence in our yard.

This lucky bird tucks itself into a sunny nook high above the fray and just drowses.
No due dates. No reports. No email.

It blends in superbly with its surroundings. Most people wouldn’t notice it.

How nice to spend a day without being bothered.

It never has to accept burdens that are too much to bear.

No one to thwart its plans or hurl nastiness in its face. No email.

If anything disturbs it, it slips down into its hole, and becomes invisible to the world.

No email. No deadlines. No one to create problems then demand solutions for the self-made problems. No email.

It comes out at night and floats unseen and unheard through the darkness.

Oh, and did I mention no email?

It hides in a safe place, high and far from everything.

Far from the madding crowd, and all that.

Little owl high in the tree
Little owl looks down on me
Little owl safe on high
Barely bothers to open an eye
Little owl soft in sleep
No work to do, no promise to keep
Little owl gives no thought
Little owl cares for naught
Would that I had such a place
To hide my eyes and hide my face

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