Monday, April 15, 2013

Take a Second Look

Yes, take a second look.

And a third.

And a fourth.

Take time to look again at familiar scenes or vistas. Even if you just frame a view differently ― whether you do this with a camera of some sort, or just in your imagination ― you will be rewarded.

Recently I stopped to look at a favorite view:

Nice. But then I framed the same view a little differently:

And again:

And one more time:

The proportions and relationships of the colors and patterns changed dramatically in that last photo. What began as a scene ends more as an abstract color block, like one of Mark Rothko’s fine paintings. It's my favorite of the four photos, because it best shows what attracts me to this spot: the contrasts of colors and contours in the varied terrains. I love the first photo, too, but it doesn't convey how I experience this particular bit of earth.

The scene looked quite different last December, when I had taken another series of photos from almost the same spot. My cell phone camera "reacted" differently to the light, depending on how I held it. Interesting.

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