Monday, April 14, 2014

Life’s Persistent Questions

Most of the questions that bother me originate, I suppose, in my adult impatience with inefficiency and irrationality, and my annoyance with people who get in the way. Questions such as:

Why do runners and joggers run down the middle of the road when there is a perfectly good sidewalk, often empty, right next to the road?
Related question: Why do so many adults ride bicycles on the sidewalks? 
Why do the people who stop to visit with friends in the supermarket aisles never move when you ask them the first time? And why do they become irritated when they must be asked – politely – a second, third, or fourth time to please move out of the way? Why do they look at you as though you are the problem, not them?
And why do people in the supermarket think it’s acceptable to steal produce and eat it while they are shopping? That’s what they are doing when they sample the grapes. They are stealing.
Why can’t people take care to park properly in parking spaces, lining up their vehicles parallel to the lines, and within the allotted spaces?
On the highways, why do so many people drive slowly in passing lanes? Why don’t they move to the right?
Related question: Why do some drivers, upon entering a limited-access highway, move immediately to the left lane, regardless of their speed relative to the other drivers?
Why do some drivers activate their turn signals only after they have entered the turn?
Why, when people use a towel only to dry clean hands, does the towel get dirty?
Why do overnight guests make their beds in the morning, knowing that the host has to unmake them in order to change the linens??

And the question that has bothered me persistently for my entire life, and prompted me to start this list:

Why do you sometimes see a single shoe on the side of the road? How did it get there? And where is the other shoe?

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