Monday, April 14, 2014

What You Can Learn From the Squirrel on Your Deck

Pay attention … Look carefully at what’s right in front of you, even those things you think are familiar. You might be surprised at what you see…and what that implies.

This morning, I was enjoying watching the squirrels eating fallen bird seed. I looked closely, and here’s what I saw:

Yes, it’s a Gray Squirrel. But look closely:

It’s a female, a nursing mother.

What this means to me is this:

That somewhere in or around my yard there is a nest with baby squirrels.

That they are probably in a tree hollow or dead branch, or in a big leafy ball nest in the branches of one of the oaks.

That there are countless other invisible families in and around my yard, and yours, and all the yards in all our neighborhoods. Birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects.

That they live in, on, near, and under the trees, and that they need all sorts of trees, trees of different (native) varieties, and trees at all stages of life, whether living, dying, or dead.

That our trees are important, all of them, living and dying and dead.

Your home is in the middle of animal habitat. Not the other way around.

A few more photos:

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