Saturday, April 9, 2016

Subtle Lunacy

Did I write this?

While clearing and cleaning and classifying this afternoon I found a folder marked “Miscellaneous” – oh, that label is like unexploded ordinance, unearthed while cleaning the yard after a long and messy winter. I opened the folder, afraid to the point of stomach-churning nausea at what I might find inside

Some by K, achingly beautiful. Some from other sources. Some notes of conversations, still as knives in a drawer. And this one – did I write this? I have no recollection. But the last line – “a subtle lunacy” – sounds like something from my pen. Undated. I record it here as it is scrawled on the paper, in my writing:

Smallest crescent moon
As it rises, almost unseen
We all look to see
Forget our days selves cares
To see the moon
For a moment we lose our minds
A subtle lunacy

© Quodlibet 2016 or whenever
Dissemination, re-use, or duplication prohibited except by express permission of the author. I pay attention and I will find you if you use my work without attribution.

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