Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wine Moms

Via K, who showed in her tagging which one she thinks I am. She’s right, of course. <3

Cool Wine Mom
- fun and flirty
-Loves Pinot Grigio
-doesn’t set a bedtime for her kids

Stressed Wine Mom
-taking things day by day
-divorced but game for whatever
-usually heats something up for dinner

Political Wine Mom
-Well organized
-usually wears hair up
-smiles politely when child’s friends are over

Fit Wine Mom
-stay at home mother
-yoga everyday
-very zen
-forgets to pick kids up from school

Trainwreck Wine Mom
-embarrasses her children’s friends
-very loud in bed
-head of the PTA

Quiet Wine Mom
-firm believer that a glass of red every day is good for you
-lipstick stains on teeth
-reads a lot before bed

Angry Wine Mom
-loves her family very much
-screams when the dishwasher isn’t empty
-detects bullshit
-loves Cab Sav


I didn’t have a wine Mom. I had a Valium Mom.

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